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Forest and Woods Book by Richard Fays
African Logs Grading
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SATA Grading (african sawn timber)

Sharing knowledge and condensing information

To allow professionals in search of precise information as well than for uninitiated people, facing a sudden urge to discover a world

to which they dedicate an interest, to find very short-term answers to their questions, in a language accessible to everyone

and without having to spend a precious and excessively long time to this search.


Forests and woods (Richard Fays, 2008)


Forests and woods (Richard Fays, on 2008) 1024 pages and 4.3 kg treating of information and studded with uncountable photos

at the world level, (plantations, forests, wood material, grading rules, transformation and multiple uses without forgetting

very numerous data sheets of main species of every continent.

Depicted as a Bible or the cave of Alibaba, this work, printed on certified paper ' stemming from forests managed sustainably',

is positioned as a reference of the very first order.

Ordering the book "Forests, wood", is made ny e-mail to the author, as well via the contact form of the web site.

From the beginning of this year, it is sold at the promotional 100-euro price per unit (instead of 150 euros),

and is also available in the form of e-book ( complete work) or by individual chapter; in this case, please visit our online shop.


For important orders, booksellers or any expedition out of EU, get in touch with the author to obtain an estimate.







African woods Grading Booklets (Richard Fays, 2007)


Grading Booklets for African woods are printed in pocket format, on paper resisting the bad weather,

these grading booklets have been thought by somebody who knows perfectly well that , we can ever leave nothing at random

regarding quality and that even experimented professionals need from time to time to confirm their intuitions.

Easy to use and conceived to accompany graders or professionals everywhere and any time without burdening them,

they are available in French and in English

Defects of woods (Richard Fays, to be published)


Defects of wood helps to know and recognize the defects of wood, and how treating them for a better forest management.

This work, being prepared, should be published during the year 2016.



Forests and plantations, one culture (Richard Fays, to be published)


The instinct is a thing while earth and the Nature mnpwledge is learned through experiences.

To want to enslave them is an utopia : we too often tend to forget that the ecosystems are in perpetual phase of adaptation,

the Nature not reproducing identical cycles year by year.

Forests and plantations, a culture, as the previous book, is being prepared work, and should be published during the year 2016.



Order right now the books "Defects of woods" and "Forests and plantations, one culture" at the unit price of 20 (twenty) euros each,

you will receive with the books a 12% (twelve %) purchase voucher on your purchase amount.

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