The approval consists in a final inspection after which both Parties prohibit any subsequent claim concerning the purpose of the approval.

Its interest is to be made by a third party, according to a contract signed by both stakeholders, in their presence or not.


The neutrality of the third party is the major asset of this approval which allows to inspect wood parcels according to three ( 3 ) essential criterias:

  • The contractual specie(s)
  • The measurement
  • The quality of products
  • Checking that entirety of approved goods is shipped
  • Checking that no timber substitution takes place
  • Establishing a tally sheet by container
  • Proceeding to the identification of every container (container nr, seal nr)
  • Proceeding to the identification of the ship and the shipping company

During the approval, the control can be partial, insuring the individual inspection of a minimum percentage of products, or total, carrying in this case on the entire products being the object of the contract.

There is no allowance when timber does not match to the selection criteria are discovered: these are left at the disposal of the seller, who can work them again and represent them for approval, or destine them to another customer.

timber approval

The inspector is also often requested to attend the boarding of the goods with the aim of:

boat transportation

A neutral control of products,

in accordance with the interests of the seller and buyer

The experience on the subject allows to assert that only timber inspected and approved before shipment

allows both parties in cause to wait serenely for the outcome of the transaction :

one, waiting for the reception of goods qualitatively in compliance with the contract terms,

the other waiting for the reception of the total amount of the sale.

The approval of course has a cost, but beyond this criterion, he allows the company manager and his collaborators

to focus on their priorities within the company.

Formerly, these approvals were made by brokers who disappeared little by little for the benefit of commercial representatives

very often unable to defend the interests of their company due to the lack of technical knowledge.

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