Overall structured around the general themes of the forest, wood, environment and the sites concerned, they are in fact developed

in a more thorough way.

Indeed, each of these major themes is individually submitted to notions of legality and transparency, of traceability, certification or respect for standards.

Therefore, environmental compliance imperatives, waste and water management, hygiene, security are required not only in forests, but more strongly on the industrial sites, in companies and organizations, often even entities that have no direct link with the forest or wood.

Regarding rural development, the creation or maintenance of infrastructures, creation or optimization of plantations, waste and water management, and more generally environmental concern are the working basis.

environmental compliance
Project management

Project management often encompasses much of all these notions to which are added the imperatives of economic viability and logistics organization.

In the case of the forest ecosystem, interactivity between all these topics sometimes distant from each other does exist. Its consideration is of crucial importance in the ability to lead missions to their term in optimal conditions.

Experience - Competence - Capacity of analysis

Putting all capacities and knowledge at the service of organizations, communities as well as to private enterprises

to bring them the best solutions suited to each situation.

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