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Fays is a name associated with forest and wood since 1919: after the First World War, Arthur, my grandfather, decided to start a forestry company (plantations and forest private asset management) and logging operations.

Arthur Fays
André Fays

At the end of the Second World War, his son, André, joined to him in the logging business, specializing first in the standing timber purchase (broad-leaved trees and conifers), then developing a site for cutting round timber for coals and other industries of the time before turning to sawmills management in Belgium and Germany.

Belgian Ardens
  • Measurement and quality approvals

(Europe, Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa, South America for the count of trading companies, shipping companies)

  • Expertises, Project management : Legality, traceability, inventories and management, industrial yards and sites optimization or restructuration (Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean)
  • Agroforestry Management, reafforestation, rural development (Madagascar)
  • Training, Teaching (Wood and timber knowledge, grading, international trade)
  • Supervision of plantations (Europe, Indian Ocean and South America for private investors)
  • Forest Management (Europe, private owners)
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"I work with passion to make live any project in which I make a commitment."


Richard Fays

Richard Fays
  • Expert in temperate and tropical logs and sawn lumber grading
  • ATIBT Expert in charge of the ATIBT grading rules revision (2005-2010 )
  • Vice-president of the ATIBT Arbitration Chamber ( 2005-2010 )
  • President of the ATIBT Training Committee ( 2005-2008 )
  • Approved ATIBT grader for African logs and lumber
  • TAM Technical Expert
  • Earth and Forests Expert
Logo Luxembourg Province

The digitized wild boar which marks the borders of the Luxembourg province (Belgium), largely present in the Ardennes of which it symbolizes perfectly the character of the inhabitants and their obstinacy to defend their ideas, is a worthy representative of this magnificent forest province.

Flag province of luxembourg
Saint-Medard Belgian Ardens
Madagascar Woods

Presentation of the name Fays

Together, they carried on managing forests in their native Belgian Ardennes, for many years and proved to be forewarned professors

instilling in me at a very early age love and respect for the forest, raising my interest in wood and its technical knowledge.

Through most of my childhood in forests and plantations, I unwittingly paved the way to my professional career:

having chosen nature and outdoor life for over fourty years, I fancied forests management as well as their development devoting myself

to bring in line upstream and downstream.

If temperate forests were my cradle,tropical rain forests and of their rich biodiversity have always made me dream;

it was therefore unimaginable not to be interested in their flimsy universes which have become a highly coveted prey.

At eighteen, after emancipation validated by my parents and jointly in the studies, I created my first company.

. These first steps in the professional universe had as object the management of small private estates and reforestations before acceeding,

few years later, to logging, sawmills management and export of hard and softwoods, in logs and sawn timber.

Afterward it was the international trade and expatriation to manage industrial sites, resulting in the access to tropical rain forests.

Finally, from the 2000s, business was refocused on consulting activities, mostly in the tropics but also in temperate zones.


The respect for fundamental values entail relying on core values, which denote the professional’s status bolstering his reliability,

ensuring partners the execution of any mandate in the respect of the interests of all.

All the consultancy activities are conducted in strict compliance with Fayswood code of ethics.

The services are provided to governments, recognized organizations, surveyance companies considered as their ethics

or trading companies wishing to work with full transparency.


Richard Fays, international upstream / downstream forest expert

(plantations, forests, wood, legality and sustainable management, environment),

with a professional experience of over 40 years, operates in :

I am very proud that the province and its landscapes mingling softwood and hardwood, often majestic, is mine.

It is always with great pleasure that I cross its borders to soak up its simple and subtle flavors mingling odors

of forests and fields and implement in my youth.

However, I chose to live in the tropics and more precisely on an island-continent where I never succeed in finding

these Ardennes or Gaume countries sensations, but where I found many other ones, very special to this environment.

So I'm lucky, every time I travel in Belgium (and in temperate forests) or I get back in Madagascar to find

olfactory sensations typically tailored to the region in which I am.

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