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        Nicolas Fays

     RNA, january-february 2020

If we are strong advocates of nature and environment, we cannot imagine life without leaving a place for sport.
Outdoor living is synonymous with well-being, fitness, physical activity, mentality and character, which are necessary key words if one is to progress in the professional environment.


We chose to support the youngest boy of the family who has been involved in tennis since the age of 6, and who at 11 years of age now, has great disposition thanks to intensive training and a huge determination to progress.


Evolving for more than one year in the U12 category that he manages to dominate, he displays very nice statistics:

  • Evolving into U12 since the age of 9

  • Selected in Madagascar's national team U12 category

  • Champion of Madagascar U12 category 2019

  • 114th after 4 tournaments, he is close to the African top 100 ITF CAT U14 category

  • Integration to sport & studies  

On the agenda for the first quarter of 2020 : Tournaments in Europe, three wins and a quarter-final
                                                                           Late February and March 2020, ITF CAT U14 tournaments

The lockdown period that forced Nicolas to change the established schedules has evolved into a long period of individual training.

However, it has allowed the discussion of a contract with an OEM on the one hand and, on the other hand, due to small chances of improving the situation, the decision to invest in the construction of a new private tennis court, which, located close to his study area will allow him to practice his sport again every day.


   Life is Bidi Badu.

     Be Bidi Badu.



   I am fun loving,

   I am Bidi Badu.


Last competition and  final trophy (december 2020). Travels to Europe are being planned for the beginning of 2021.

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