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Fayswood, partner of the company TAM - Terres & Agroforesterie du Mangoro – has been involved since 2009 in Madagascar in the management of agroforestry heritages, in order to manage sustainably deforested hills, abandoned for decades to wild pastoralism, bush fires, or eucalyptus colonization.

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Organic certification for an environmental and social project

TAM, meeting the criteria of the Earth & Forests program for its lands management, has been organic certified by Ecocert for all its products. The company priority programme is the strict respect for the environment, promoting the return to biodiversity through the diversity of species, in which the protection of fauna and flora is preponderant, protecting endemic species and promoting the return of animal species that had been obliged to migrate.


This environmental component is carried out through a social component that prioritizes local development and women, the latter representing 90% of farming providers, providing training, housing assistance and support for children's schooling.


Plantations, studied in such a way to eradicate clear-cutting and prevent from bush fires, consist in a mix of forest trees, fruit trees, culture species (coffee, spices, essential and vegetal oils), low crops as pineapple, pepper or aromatic plants.


The vast majority of the products are processed or used for the extension of plantations (seeds, production of plants, …) while the high-percentage slopes are planned for a livestock assignment.
In addition, the company traced and geo-referenced hiking and cycling tours, and set up mini safaris photos dedicated to animals (lemurs, crocodiles, wildlife), birds and fabulous landscapes of the central Malagasy Highlands.


Fayswood’s activities are related to sites rehabilitation, sustainable management of plantations, nursery management, creation and maintenance of infrastructures, irrigation, soil fertilization and waste management, knowing that the company’s policy is to create an organic agroforestry based on maximum autonomy.

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Respect for the environment goes through the bee. We couldn’t fail to take an interest in it. Madagascar, primarily destined to family farming, and classified as ‘poor country’, has this invaluable opportunity to be spared by the intensive use of chemicals inputs.


The role of beekeeping is fundamental to the pollination of fruit and vegetable crops and flowering plants, dependent on pollinator insects, whose honeybee is the leader.

The honeybee acts as a sentinel and alerts people about environmental damage and biodiversity. Observing the disturbances and mortalities of bee colonies, and especially by seeking to understand their causes, is essential for the protection of public health and the environment in which future generations will live.


The introduction of beehives in plantations was a logical continuation at the condition to move towards a sustainable and structured beehiving which would allow for a quality production respectful of the colonies and their direct environment.

Tourism or

wellness stays, with us, the change of scenery is garanteed.

Destination Madagascar

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Automne Mada
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Always a blue sky….

Always mild temperatures…..

A breathtaking nature….

Grand landscapes…. 


Are you in need of Nature, calm, hiking ?

Are you in need to breathing deeply, soaking in the silence disturbed by the breeze only ?

Are you dreaming of virgin spaces where pollution is an unknown word and freedom is much more than a sensation ?

Would you appreciate to forget everything for a while ? The time of a stay ?

Would you like to go back in time, take a look, bring back memories you won’t find anywhere else ?

Life in the Highlands of Madagascar is punctuated by a warm season from September to October to April, followed by a cooler season that starts from late May to late August.
Located at an altitude of 1000 m, we welcome you in comfortable and quiet individual apartments, where we offer food based on organic and fresh plantation products.
A chauffeur-driven car can be devoted for all your trips.

Tourism stay 

For those who feel fit or enjoy outdoor and physical activities, we have traced, marked and georeferenced walking and/or cycling routes in the grandiose setting of the surrounding hills and which will take you to discover the most traditional Malagasy life in the bushes of the Highlands.
Several parks and nature reserves are only a few kilometres away, where the marked trails will make you appreciate exceptional flora and fauna.
In the midst of these fabulous landscapes, you will be free to go alone, with family, in a group or accompanied by a French and/or English speaking guide, for hikes ranging from a few hours to a full day and much more if you wish.

Wellness stay 

For those who wish to relax and de-stress, we offer the 'Sylvotherapy' program especially thought to recharge away from the hectic life of everyday life,
Overwork, anxiety, nervousness, respiratory problems will not withstand a well-being stay in a virgin Nature, where noise and pollution are absent in favor of calm and clean air, to give you strength and vitality.

Inspiration stay 

Are you artist, writer, or private looking for positive impulse ? Students preparing examinations ? Or do you just have a very strong desire to let yourself go to dream? The 'Inspiration' program is for you.

We can explore many possibilities and ways to welcome and take care of you, from your arrival on the Malagasy territory until your return to the airport.
Please contact us to let us know what you wish.


In Madagascar or anywhere else…


We welcome individuals and groups for stays of one week and more, with organic products only on the menu !
And we also organise D-Stress/sylvotherapy programs abroad on request.

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