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Sport is life learning


If we are strong defenders of nature and environment, we cannot imagine life without leaving a place for sport.

Outdoor living is synonymous with well-being, fitness, physical activity, mentality and character, which are necessary key words if one is to progress in the professional environment.

We chose to support the both sons of the family in their sports activities, tennis for Nicolas and swimming for Hugo.

   Life is Bidi Badu.

     Be Bidi Badu.   

Nicolas, the youngest member of the family, has been involved in tennis since the age of 6, and at 15 now, characterizes himself as a 'hopeful' thanks to intensive training and a huge determination to progress:


  • 2017           
      • Playing in U12 category since he was 9

  • 2019         
      • Selected for the Madagascar U12 national team  
      • Madagascar U12 champion  
      • Begins to play in CAT Tennis U14 category (African continent tour)  
      • Integration into sport studies

  • 2020     
      • Apr├Ęs 3 tournaments in Europe, that year, marked by Covid, is devoted to intensive training on private court 

  • 2021 
      • Madagascar U14 nr 1, he plays in U14, U16, U18 and adults categories

  • 2022 
      • He leaves Madagascar

        for the south of France, where he competes in national juniors and adults tournaments, makes his Tennis Europe and ITF debuts and collects his first international victories

  • 2023
      • integration into the Justine Henin Academy with a view to joining the BNP Paribas program, first ITF points and victories in adult M2 tournaments.

After this transitional year marked by a new challenge, a new way of life to assimilate and months of intense training to improve technically, tactically, physically and make up for a lack of experience, 2024 is expected to be a year to confirm progress, with the JUSTINE HENIN ACADEMY BNP PARIBAS Program staff and sponsors BIDI BADU, LUXILON, HEAD by his side.

Would you like to follow Nicolas or contact him?
Instagram : Nicolas_f_tennis
Web :

Hugo has been passionate about swimming since a very young age.

However, a lack of infrastructure kept him away from the pool until 2020, when a club was reborn, enabling him to refocus on the sport.

Like his brother, he pursued his studies via the Internet, enabling him to train every day, and quickly established himself in his favourite specialities, breaststroke and crawl.


In both 2020 and 2021, the health situation unfortunately dashed his hopes, as all competitions were cancelled. However, the collective training sessions held in 2021 enabled him to promote his individual work, showing him capable of taking advantage of any situation to bounce back better.

2022 has been a fruitful year for Hugo, who in two competitions has qualified for the Islands Games and won three medals, including one in the 400 m freestyle.

Hugo 1
Hugo swim
Hugo nage papillon
Hugo Toamasina

Only involved in physical maintenance during the cooler months, he was looking forward to October to get back in the pool and intensify and harden his training programs.

And so, 2023 got off to the best possible start for him, with, in March, 3 victories in 3 races (50 m Crawl, 50 m Butterfly and 4x50 m Freestyle Relay) in his first competition of the year, followed by a silver medal in the 100 m Backstroke a week later.

Then in April, at the national competition in Tamatave, he beat his personal bests but had to settle for silver in the 50 m backstroke by a few centimetres.

The intensification of his training programs had borne fruits ; unfortunately for him, a lumbar problem forced him to undergo several months of rehabilitation at the start of the hot season, thus prohibiting him from competing for an indefinite period.

We wish you courage and fast recover, boy !