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SYLVOTHERAPY : how and why relying on the VIRTUES of the  FORESTS


Few or totally unknown to the public, forests, have always aroused both fear and curiosity.

Increasingly, however, a large part of the population is seeking to reconnect with Nature, a contact favoured by many outdoor activities that have multiplied in recent years.

If forests are an incentive for physical activity, they are really much more :

  • Assuring a calming tranquillity, they help to fight stress, as well as many plants populating them or abounding at the edges of forests.

  • They guarantee oxygen-enriched air and under the influence of the sun, a part of the forest oxygen is converted into ozone by solar ultraviolet light ; ozone is a gas with disinfectant virtues.

  • They offer an air rich in essential oils and phytoncides (antibiotic molecules secreted by trees to fight their pathogens) whose health effects are well known ; in addition, in our plantations in Madagascar, there are many species of trees, bushes or essential oil grasses produced by TAM.

  • There are also microclimates where, thanks to the buffer effect of the forest or special reliefs. temperature ranges are milder than elsewhere.

      • Fighting stress
      • Strengthening immunity
      • Gain in vitality, glowing with health 
      • Working on yourself 
      • Self assurance  

are the beneficial effects we offer you.

But that's not all. Many other topics remain to be mentioned, such as biophilia, an innate affinity of man for the living and natural systems, or aromatherapy : the plants that formed the basis of the pharmacopoeia of ancient civilizations, still constitute the forests popuilations'one ; many are those tending today to believe again in the power of plants. 

And many other things as well.... but this is a secret reserved for those who wish to know more.

In Madagascar or elsewhere, how can I participate ?

In Madagascar, we will welcome you in tropical and temperate forests, as well as in our plantations where you will discover many species of spice trees and essential oil trees. With the possibility, if you feel like it, to test the finished products.

Elsewhere, that is in your country of residence, we organize on request awareness sessions during which we obviously plan trips to the forest.

Want to know more?  Contact us!

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